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We are manshluv.com

A small creative team, trying to enrich the lives of others

A bief history

Our main role is to make things easier for you. We employ thoroughly trained customer care professionals who strive to find answers to any problems thrown their way. From subscriptions to technical issues, we’re qualified to give you the solutions you need.

Our customer satisfaction resource team are here to answer questions large and small. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, it’s our job to find a perfect solution. So relax, the experts are on it.



We are here for your 24/7 to find any solution for your concerns, problems or inquiries. Send us an email at [email protected] or call us at +1-844-598-7704 +44-808-169-7139 or hit live support. manshluv.com will keep you problem-free and supported.


Yes, all of our plans are billed monthly and will automatically continue to do so unless cancelled before the billing period is up each month. Call us at +1-844-598-7704 +44-808-169-7139 or [email protected] us to cancel your subscription.

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Just contact us and let us show you the right way to do things.

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We will show you how to effectively control your products and services with little to no problems. Let us show you the way; we will find you the solution for it.

manshluv.com Office

Balasach Innovation Ltd, Nikou Georgiou Street 8, Block B1, Flat 101, Nicosia, 1095, Cyprus, VAT NUMBER: 10414940L, COMPANY NUMBER: HE414940

+44-808-169-7139 | +1-844-598-7704 | Live Support | [email protected]


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